Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The sweet taste of innuendo

The Friday before the start of the FanWalk I went to Club NME at Koko in Camden with my best buddy, Andy. I go to Koko quite regularly, I love it, but that Friday was the first time I'd seen them stock an energy drink called Pussy. 'Pussy?' I said to Andy, 'that'll never catch on. Who's going to want to buy a Pussy?' (insert name of celebrity caught up in prostitute scandal). 'You'd not catch me with a Pussy in my hands' I added, somewhat homosexually. Then I get on the FanWalk and soon find out that Pussy, an MTV sponsored beverage, is the official drink of the FanWalk. Now I'm addicted to the stuff! On my first night I downed three cans before bed and got 2 hours sleep as a result. Another night I had Pussy-inspired headache due to drinking too much, and yesterday, during the walk, Sean and I were drinking double vodka Pussys. Now the next time I see the drink I will feel compelled to buy it, for memories of this week and the Pussy innuendo. My favourites all come from Sean: 'I'm on my third Pussy of the night,' 'I love the sweet taste of Pussy,' and, 'Oh no! My Pussy's dried up.'

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