Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday round-up

I've not been too diligent on the old blog posts today, I've been too busy living the dream. Since earlier on we've set up camp in our army barracks room and dominated the bowling lanes. Team Sex Pistols might not have knocked over as many pins as the winners, but what we lacked in talent we more than compensated for in enthusiasm, celebrations and banter. I've gone hoarse from screaming everytime we knocked over a pin, giving motivational speeches to the team and laughing at some frankly ridiculous bowling.:d Now we're back at camp and the alcohol has unfortunatly dried up; I've drunk so much energy drink that I've given myself a headache - totally worth it. Special mention should go to Sean, with whom I've laughed (constantly), cried (with laughter) and sung Arctic Monkeys with tonight. Rock on Young Pretenders!

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