Friday, October 31, 2008

The Young Pretenders' issue of the day: aquatic bird racism

The Young Pretenders (TYP) are the thinking-man's comedy duo and, as such, are alive to the important issues the world faces today. Racism among aquatic birds is a problem that is growing with alarming regularity in canals and ponds across the country. Just today, TYP intervened in a particularly vicious stand-off between the very racist Canadian Goose Geezers and the Mall-hard Man Dem. Thanks to our intervention, there were no fatalities, but the incident has sent ripples throughout the aquatic bird community. TYP believe the only way to stem the mindless flow of aquatic bird racist attacks is to introduce a proportionally represented aquatic bird council to reside over, and efficiently police, Britain's waterways. To support our cause, sign the petition attached to this blog. Yours concernedly, TYP.

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